William Hunt

Founder / Programmer / Server Administrator / Web Designer

Our company was founded by a single individual and he currently outsources a majority of design work to freelance designers. With over a decade worth of experience, he can provide any type of service required for computing. He hopes to continue to expand and grow the company throughout the next decade.

We Are Motivated

Our company is dedicated and motivated towards giving you and your consumers the most user friendly web experience. We design your website with all viewing platforms in mind. Your website will display beautifully on any device.

Our company's main goal is provide a responsive platform to serve your content to the web.

Xniz Studio cares about our clients and their ability to succeed. We advocate. We thrill.

What’s The Cost?

The cost of your website will depend on your individual needs. If your website does not require any commerce platform, then the price will be significantly lower. Typically, a basic website usually costs less than $1000.00 USD.

Also, if you have your own web hosting platform, then the overall cost will also be lower. If you decide to host your website on our server, there will be an additional fee.

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Commerce Approved

If you are a retail store looking to establish your presence online, then you have found the right company to guide you to success!

Our professional WordPress developers are experienced with the most popular e-commerce plugin available to the platform, WooCommerce.

You can look forward to PayPal checkouts as well as using the popular Stripe API to process credit/debit transactions.

We Provide Quality Services

Fast, Secure, Stable

Whether you are a small local business looking to have a basic website with static content, or if you are a large retail business looking to create an online store, we can do it all! Our developers are WordPress experts who have experience in configuring 3rd party plugins for all different website genres. A standard 5 page website without a commerce platform starts at $599.95 USD, and a yearly hosting fee of $499.95 USD to host the website on our dedicated server. The yearly hosting fee includes support for server and website related issues that may occur due to updates or other reasons.

The prices listed above are subject to change depending on your needs and overall amount of time consumed by our developers while working on your website. Our average turn around time for a standard 5 page website is usually no more than two weeks.

If you do not wish to use our hosting platform and you have your own web hosting plan, we can generate a backup of your website for you and provide it to you for an additional fee. This fee will be calculated based on how extensive your website is and how long it took our team to develop.

All design packages include

  • Web Design Layout

  • Fast and reliable hosting (for an additional fee as listed above)

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Advanced Technical Support

  • Weekly backup snapshots in case of emergency

  • Google Analytics

Our dedicated server is configured with server-side caching to ensure that your website runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. The server caching software includes OPcache and Redis. It is highly recommended to host your website on our servers as they are properly optimized for the WordPress platform.